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Structured guitar lessons for beginners to intermediate guitarists from 3yrs old - Adults.

Weekly Lessons in our Studio

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Structured Method

We use the G4 Guitar Method which is a structured way of learning based around the 7 essential skills of becoming a confident guitarists. 

The method is designed for Beginner to Intermediate guitarists. 3yr+ to Adults

30 + years of experience

Guitar teachers world wide have worked together to develop the G4 Guitar Method which allows our students to learn guitar using the best practices to get the best results.


Using the 5 Junior Levels and 5 Senior Levels, students are able to keep on track with their progress and know exactly what they are required to practice. Once you complete a level, they progress to the next level

In Studio Sessions

We have 3 studios across Adelaide. Mawson Lakes, Magill and Warradale. 


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